Honesty. Integrety. Loyalty. Unwavering Commitment to Excellence in Sports Management.

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We help athletes realize their dreams, manage their careers, and invest in their futures. We provide our clients with the best service in the industry. Just like you, we dare to be remarkable.

Our Philosophy:

As an outstanding athlete, you’ve learned to rely upon and respect your coaches or fellow team members. You want to place the same level of faith in your agent advisor. Someone who serves as your tireless personal advocate. A friend who works on your behalf 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your career security and promote your good name and reputation for athletic excellence. A representative who promises and delivers, always providing a reassuring presence during every critical moment on your path towards greatness.

At Appleton Sports Management, we provide the same level of exclusive individual attention and dedication that you would expect from a trusted friend. ASM specializes in cultivating a career-long relationship with you that is firmly grounded in mutual respect, loyalty and honesty. If you are looking for unparalleled customized care and support from a highly skilled and qualified source, the ASM team is your answer.

Our Mission:

ASM is an international full-service sports management firm passionate about providing peerless support and service to our exceptional clientele. We specialize in NFL Combine training, MLB and NFL draft preparation, contract negotiation, expert legal services, marketing, endorsements, community interests, charitable relations and lifestyle management. Appleton Sports Management is among the very few in a highly select network of sports law agencies offering specialized legal services for athlete drug testing issues.

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